Friday, 28 October 2011

Berkley NANO FIL - The New Kid On The Block.

Berkley NANO FIL - The New Kid On The Block.

Whilst at the Tackle & Gun Trade show last week, I was given a spool of line to try that is set to take the lure fishing world by storm.

So what is NANOFIL?

Well its not a braid and its not a monofilament, its what Berkley call a unifilament.

The line is made from dyneema fibres, as are many of the company’s other super lines (braids).

In this case, though, the fibres aren’t braided but are molecularly linked and shaped into a unified filament.

This makes the line super slick and smooth.

Berkley are claiming up to 30% more casting distance compared with braids of the same diameter.

Nanofil has been specifically designed for use on spinning reels, it also has very little memory which make working lures very easy indeed.

The line has been in development for the past seven years and it looks like all the hard work has really paid off.

So how much does it cost?

It will be available in breaking strains up to 25lbs, price wise a 125m spool will be £17.99 and £34.99 for a 270m spool RRP.

What’s bad about it?

Well the only downside that I can see is that you have to be careful when tying knots. As it’s so smooth, the knots can slip.

Berkley recommend a double parlmor knot for tying directly to your lure clip or a double allbright knot for attaching to fluorocarbon leaders.

First impressions are that this line will play a big part in lure fishing in the UK over the 2012 season.

It has everything the lure angler looks for in a line. Low diameter, high breaking strain, it casts light lures a dream and is extremely abrasion resistant.

Ill let you all know what its like to fish with in the next few weeks.

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